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We create AR/VR apps that offer mundane processes amazing twists to provide immersive consumer experiences
and satisfy next-generation users.

Be One Step Ahead of Your Competitors.

Spectrum is a leading augmented and virtual reality development company that assists startups and enterprises in leveraging the power of augmented and virtual reality to thrive in the market while increasing their brand recognition. We work to create your vision into a reality.

Spectrum offers a wide range of VR and AR software development services, including 3D data visualization platforms and iOS and Android mobile AR (and VR) apps. Our Augmented and Virtual Reality products enable our clients achieve high levels of user engagement with their business activities.

Leader in AR & VR App Development Services

Consumer expectations are steadily rising. They're on the lookout for new and creative ways to interact with businesses and get the most of their spending. And it is with this that we empower businesses.

We are a leading VR and AR development business that creates highly immersive experiences with best-of-breed technologies and methodologies. We help businesses provide a virtual environment that is like the physical world to their target audience to get better results in less time, money, and effort.

Our team specializes in AR/VR development and is well-known in the industry for pioneering the concept of agile, user-centric, and measurable product development. We don't just provide augmented and virtual reality experiences that thrill your target user base with this technique; we also promote your core business goals and help you stand out from the crowd.

Benefits you get on adding AR/VR to your business

The trending AR and VR technologies are making wonders to several industry verticals. It has been enhancing the progress of many businesses with a lot of effectiveness and efficiency, as compared to the other emerging technologies. Experience the digital and virtual world in the real world with our professionals to get the maximum out of the on-going trend.

Rich and immersive user experience.

Prime opportunity stays competitive.

Enhance business efficiency.

Enhance brand loyalty.

Content tailored to suit users’ needs.

Revolutionary way to improve user engagement.

Heightened brand awareness.

Remove language barriers.

Augmented & Virtual Reality Software Development Services

We are a renowned AR & VR development company that merges experience with creativity to deliver highly immersive applications for your brand which aim to create an inexorable whirl in the market - and we do this by offering the following set of AR/VR app development services.


AR/VR App consultation

Our team of AR and VR developers help entrepreneurs learn what these technologies mean to their businesses.


Augmented Reality For Ecommerce

Whether you’re a ‘bricks and mortar’ operation or an online-only business, eCommerce gives you the opportunity to increase revenue and maximize profitability, providing you have the right tools at your disposal..


Location-based VR and AR development services

The location-based augmented and virtual reality development services we offer helps businesses target the audience of a particular local region efficiently and effectively.


Visual Recognition Solutions

We provide AR experiences loaded right from the recognized images and videos to visually analyze photos, organize and understand images.


Face and Gesture recognition platforms

We build solutions that automatically identify people and detect their facial features to lock and unlock devices and applications.



We are among the finest VR/AR development agencies that collaborates the power of AR/VR with IoT to deliver a seamless experience across multiple connected devices.


AR & VR app support and maintenance

Our expert team of AR/VR developers also provide the finest services of app maintenance and update to clients globally.

Our Development Process

As an app development company, we follow a strategic procedure to develop the desired mobile app for your business.

✔ Ideation & Concept Development : Through our ideation and concept development process, we can help your team discover the best hardware and software tools, as well as the best distribution platforms that will help ensure your AR-VR experience is accessible, easy to use and leaves a lasting impression.

✔ 3-D Modeling & Asset Creation : Digital assets are the lifeblood of any good AR experience. Whether you need to convert product renderings into low-poly 3-D models or develop full-body scans of a famous baseball player, our team has the skills and expertise to help create all the digital assets your AR project might require.

✔ Development : Finally, we design a plan for strategy implementation to streamlined AR-VR application development. Whether building for social media platforms, native mobile applications leveraging ARkit or ARCore, or for the latest AR wearable, we can help your team get the job done right.

✔ Quality Assurance & App Store Publication : There are over 500 AR capable smartphones currently on the market. This means testing, testing, and more testing. We offer robust quality assurance and testing services to help ensure your experience works as intended no matter the device. We also offer assistance with app store publication on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Strategy and Planning
Analysing Requirements
We begin with identifying the purpose and goal of building an AR-VR app for your business
Wireframe and Design Creation
System Design
First our team picks the most reliable framework suitable for your project.We follow the requirements that can fulfil.
Development and Integration
Finally, we design a plan for strategy implementation to streamlined AR-VR application development.
Testing & Execution
Unless we implement the test cases on modules, we don't move to the next process.
Once the app is successfully tested and assured of all quality checks, it will be ready for launch.
Industries Our AR/VR Clients Represent

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that augmented and virtual reality find their application across a big number of different verticals

Media & Entertainment

The projection further states that by 2022 there will be 100 million VR headsets used in the U.S., which will increase the VR content revenue to $7.0 billion. This is a whole new word in the Entertainment Industry.


The ability to simulate everything from the factory floor to the most extreme edge case of the final product is invaluable, and the ability to do it instantly and effectively for free makes VR a transformative technology for factories..

Shopping & E-Commerce

E-commerce with the help of AR applications might be the boom that awaits as it creates a never-before-seen level of user experience for shoppers.


E-Learning sector uses VR and AR to develop and utilize new learning methods and engage learners on a whole new level.


There is no need to leave your home to enjoy sightseeing in a fresh VR application. No wonder, there is high demand in that sector.

Real Estate

With our AR apps, realtors are building better architecture models and offering virtual walkthroughs of properties to targeted users.

About Us
Why Choose Us?

We believe evolving swiftly with the shifting market trends and emerging technologies. That's why we leverage the best software development technologies and nurture a team of highly skilled professionals. We are loved and trusted for many reasons

Technical Expertise

Our developers have hands-on experience in AR/VR app development. Their expertise helps us to deliver industry-best apps to every client.

Custom-Built Apps

AR & VR apps developed by us are personalized according to the clients' specific business needs. It makes the apps user-friendly and efficient.

Client-Focused Work

The client always remains at the center of the planning and development process. We regularly communicate with clients to take their inputs and feedback.

Predefined Process

We follow a set of design and development methods based on the software development life cycle. Using a tried-and-tested methodology means desired results.

Future-Ready Solutions

Be it our team or our solutions, we are always ready for the technological evolution of tomorrow. Our AR & VR apps are designed to make you future-ready.

Industry-Best Pricing

With us, you always get great value for money. We deliver feature-rich AR and VR apps at a competitive price.