Cloud Support Services

What is Software

as a Service “SaaS”?

Generally speaking, its software that’s developed and hosted by the SaaS vendor and which the end user customer accesses over the Internet. Unlike traditional packaged applications that users install on their computers or servers, the SaaS vendor owns the software and runs it on computers in its data center. The customer does not own the software but effectively rents it, usually for a monthly fee. SaaS is sometimes also known as hosted software or by its more marketing-friendly cousin, “on-demand.”

What is Infrastructure as a Service “IaaS”?

IaaS is the virtual delivery of computing resources in the form of hardware, networking, and storage services. ather than buying and installing the required resources in their own data center, companies rent these resources as needed.

Whether you are already in the Cloud, considering Cloud Migration or looking to develop a Cloud application. We provide our clients with cloud solutions and services that help them in developing and operating applications to be hosted on cloud and provide essential support to ensure their efficiency.

We excel in private, hybrid and public cloud environments helping our clients build high-performance scalable and secure solutions to maximize return on cloud initiatives, increase business agility, reduce costs and Move infrastructure, data, and applications to accelerate your digital transformations. lower risks.

Move infrastructure, data, and applications to accelerate your digital transformations

Cloud Consulting Services

Our experienced Cloud Consultants can help you choosing right deployment models and right service model basis on customer needs and future requirements.

We help customer in designing solutions around different Cloud Services models, like IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.

Cloud Migration Services

Migration to cloud is vital for companies looking to achieve digital transformation and exploit growth opportunities while preparing for disruption.

Through our cloud migration services, we help you in digital transformation and making the move to cloud through the right strategy, roadmap, workflow model and ecosystem collaborations.

We are here to assist you all along your cloud journey in resolving such challenges with our personalized consulting service and solutions. Our experienced consultants will help you in reducing operational costs, increasing innovation and achieving your business objectives strategically. Our customer-centric approach, pre-set templates and data analytics applications to ensure migrations take place in a smooth, effective and systematic way without any negative business impact.

Cloud Security

As more and more companies move their data, applications and critical workloads to the cloud, protecting enterprise’s cloud data from threats and vulnerabilities requires the right partner to effectively orchestrate and execute industry-leading solutions.

As a digital transformation services firm, Spectrum helps enterprises run their operations in a secure manner on the cloud .We offers end-to-end cloud security assessments, security management for apps, data, APIs, and secure migration and operations services is well-versed in designing secured cloud solutions.

WE work closely with you to create a solution tailored to your organization’s and stakeholders’ requirements, ensuring regulatory compliance.

To respond efficiently to the latest cyber threats, our cloud developing experts would proactively monitor and safeguard your cloud software for threats to your systems, acting in real-time 24/7 to resolve issues.

We understand the need for robust security service for your cloud environment. Therefore our services can help you protect your important cloud assets, providing full protection to users who access your assets..