Impress printing and packaging software

Estimating Producing print quotations is only one aspect of estimating. Improving your top line is a critical step for securing print orders. Impress is a print estimation tool for growing your company.

The foundation of our print estimating software, is used to select cost-effective work centres, reduce material waste, and create precise impositions. This approach guarantees cheaper prices for your clients while maintaining or increasing your margins and gaining more business. is more than just producing print quotations. Improving your top line is a critical step for securing print orders. Impress is a print estimation tool for expanding your company.

For any rectangular / irregular shaped products produced using any printing technology, precise estimates can be provided in a few clicks.

Estimation for Labels & Flexibles

• Estimation software to talk the same language that you speak.
• Unwinding direction, Coil Width, Cut-off, Cylinder sizes, Composite GSM, are native to Labels and Flexible packaging industry are used in our system.
• Our estimation software considers all inline operations that can be performed in a flexo press, to find the most efficient press to print a given label specification.

The Conundrum – Flexo or Gravure or Digital

The puzzle of whether to go for Flexo or Gravure or Digital printing is solved in a click of a button by Impress Estimation software, by considering all unique technical constraints and costing parameters involved in each printing technology.

Perfect PLAN for your estimation

• Automatic Press, Reel Width and Cylinder Size selection by considering cost, technical constraints and number of operations each print device can perform.
• When selecting the proper press for a given job specification, important technical constraints such as feedable reel width, possible cut-off, media calliper, and re-register system are taken into account.
• For each job, there are up to 60+ different solutions listed, organised by cost in ascending order.
• Pictorial representation of the generated layout.

Power Of Estimate:

• Simple UI
• Configure Estimation logics like the way you want
• Precise cost by considering all cost parameters
• Get Estimates in a single click
• Multiple artworks in a single product
• Interact with the system to choose the layout
• Multiple quantity options estimated in single click

DASHBOARD - Data on your fingertip

Dashboards with graphical representation of:
_ Target vs Achieved per Salesperson
_ Converted Orders Product wise
_ Actual Vs Converted
_ Top 10 Customers
_ Job Status summary
Additional reports that can be exported to PDF, CSV or Excel sheets are also available.

Interactive Quotation / JobCard

Well-designed Quotation & Job Card formats, easily customizable based on customer’s request. Job cards can generate QR code and reduces manual input of data in the production department.