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Spectrum Mobile App developers leverage cutting-edge mobile technology to build user-centric mobile apps,
enabling seamless user experiences across all modern platforms and devices.

In partnership with Spectrum, create a native, hybrid, or cross-platform mobile app. For a wide range of industries and platforms,We'll design a stunning mobile app for your consumers to use on their smartphones, tablets, wearables, and other devices, with an emphasis on security, usability, and UI/UX. Select a trustworthy mobile app development firm to assist you in developing and implementing your mobile strategy.

Transform Your Mobile App Development Idea into Smarter Solution

We are a full-service mobile app development company that specialises in mobile-first business design and engineering. Our mobile app development team creates cutting-edge software and cross-platform apps that are customized to you, your challenge, and your target audience.

Interviews with your stakeholders are conducted first, followed by research, analysis, and evaluation of your current data. As a result, we'll have a better idea of what opportunities are out there and how to take advantage of them.

THE SCOPE OF OUR Mobile App Development Services

With Spectrum's full-cycle mobile app development services, you may create a great mobile app. We can help with all aspects of app development, from concept to finished product maintenance.

✔ Application Development Consulting

✔ Mobile App Design

✔ iOS and Android App Development

✔ AR App Development services

✔ Backend Development

✔ Mobile App QA and Support

✔ Maintenance and Post-warranty Support



Our native app development services build apps for specific operating systems for faster and smarter performance. Our highly proficient engineers collaborate to develop high-performing iOS and Android apps that are innovative and intuitive


Enterprise Mobile Apps are designed and deployed based on the specific needs of an enterprise. Customized mobile solutions to drive your operations. For example, a CRM, SCM and ERP to organize and publish content, all in a simple screen.


we offer extremely secure and agile progressive web app development services for businesses worldwide. Our services are attuned to maximizing user engagement by developing apps that can run on multiple platforms without sacrificing user experience. Enhance the customer experience with progressive web apps capabilities.


We help businesses to transform through the unending possibilities and potentially provided by wearable technology. We offer tailored and ingenious solutions in the domain of wearable devices. Increase business security and performance with wearable & embedded devices and integrated custom software.

Our Expertise with Major Mobile App Development Technologies

Drive your business forward with Spectrum mobile application development services. Our tech experts will save your budget by speeding up product creation and reducing its time-to-market.


iOS App Development

We create enterprise and consumer iOS apps for the whole Apple product line, including wearables and watches. By closely following Apple's Human Interface Guidelines and our own best practices, we help you drive adoption and ensure user satisfaction with outstanding mobile apps.


Android App Development

The Android operating system provides numerous benefits, but it also poses unique challenges due to the proliferation of hardware. No matter what stage of development your app is in, Spectrum senior developers can help you position it in the top ranks of Google Play by reducing the difficulties of app design and assisting app creation.


Cross-platform App Development

Create cross-platform mobile apps using reusable code to reduce development and maintenance expenses and shorten time-to-market. Our methodology, combined with a shared iOS and Android code base, allows you to effectively fragment OSs and devices without impacting user appeal.


Augment Reality App Development

Customer interaction is significantly improved by augmented reality. We create location-aware augmented reality apps that enhance customer experience in retail, travel, and other apps. The ARKit and ARCore frameworks are used to integrate 3D features into apps.

Project Stages List

Strategy and Planning
Initiation and Business Analysis
You want your company’s mobile app to stand out from the crowd. our BA specialists determine high-level features and functional, and non-functional requirements.
Wireframe and Design Creation
Designing UX/UI
Discovering user needs and pain points ,We build prototypes to ensure that the app's look and feel are appropriate for the platform and that the user experience is positive.
Development and Integration
Our backend developers use Ruby on Rails to build a server-side app. The API of your frontend app can interact with the database via this backend app.
Mobile app development & Integration
With end-to-end, full-stack mobile application development knowledge & expertise, we help in designing Lightweight mobile frontends optimized for long battery life.
Product Launching & Support
We make sure your new mobile app connects with your business operations before launching it. After that, we launch your mobile app to all major app stores and give support and maintenance as needed.

WHY CHOOSE Spectrum?

We don’t build App, we build brands.
Transparency Of Processes

By using our mobile app development services, you not only stay in charge of the project and are kept up to date on its progress, but your feedback is also vital to its continued advancement. To address all of your suggestions and issues, our team uses daily reports, video calls, email updates, and onsite visits.

Business value

Our R&D and BA professionals are ready to go extra mile to fully grasp your idea and ensure that we understand what users really want. Whatever challenge comes our way, we work hand-in-hand with your stakeholders to design an app that evolves with your business and users.

Rapid Results

We want to close the gap between your idea and a great solution to help you stay ahead of the pack. Our mobile app development services, which include rapid prototyping and an agile process, allow you to participate actively in the project from the beginning and make better product decisions.

Reduced Development Costs

We know how to reduce development expenses without compromising product quality. Before we begin development, we perform extensive market research to validate the concept and design a product that is market ready. We use Agile methodology to ensure that deadlines are fulfilled, and that the mobile app development process is optimised.